Airport Guide for Victoria International Airport

The airport operates 12 hours a day and all the custom and immigration facilities are provided only during the operating hours.

Victoria Falls International Airport is a single Terminal Passenger Facility but a new terminal expansion is underway. Currently a common terminal is used for both domestic and international flights. The terminal area is divided between arrival and departure lounges.

Checking in

There are 12 checking in desks at the arrival lounge of the passenger terminal. After landing of the flight, passengers enter the arrival section of the airport and reach the international checking in counters from where they can get their checking in done after showing the relevant documents.

Arrival Lounges

Victoria Falls International Airport keeps comfortable arrival lounges with restroom and showering facilities. Passengers can access TV lounge and newspapers and magazines. The sitting area is comfortable and the transit passengers can wait in the sitting area.

Wi-Fi connectivity is provided in the most parts of the airport including the arrival lounges. There are many payphones installed on the terminal from where passengers can make worldwide calls. Mobile phone connections can also be bought from the passenger terminal.

Duty Free Area

Duty Free Area at the Victoria Falls International Airport is a very well developed one with range of outlets selling both local and international products and brands. You can find a chemist shop, a wine shop, perfume shops, electronics shops, branded accessories along with many other local and international brands outlets operating in the Duty Free Area.

Food and Drinks

There are many restaurants and bars along with tuck shops located in the arrival lounges, near duty free area and in the parking area of the Victoria Falls International Airport. Passengers can find snacks, fast food and local along with international cuisines from these facilities.

Currency Exchange

Facility of currency exchange is available at the Victoria Falls International Airport. There are many ATMs installed on the passenger terminal from where passengers can have their debit and credit cards operated.

Customs and Clearance

Customs Department is located after the duty free area and passengers are required to have their luggage scanned and checked before receiving the customs clearance.


There are two luggage claim belts located on the ground floor of the Victoria Falls International Airport. Passengers can collect their luggage from these belts and in case of missing or damaged luggage they can contact the Passenger Help Desk near the luggage claim area.

After collecting their luggage passengers can exit the airport in the parking area. Passengers can hire a taxi from the parking area or from outside the gate of the airport to drive them to their desired location.

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