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Destinations in Zimbabwe:

You are most probably going to touch down at the Harare International Airport while travelling from UK. Take a stroll to well –known highlights of the country’s capital before heading off to popular Victoria Falls.  There are few spectacular sightings worth taking a trip at. African plains and wild life sanctuary offers some stunning experiences of life. You will surely find Zimbabwe’s capital to be safe haven for amazing wildlife in the Wild is Life Sanctuary. If you are fond of natural tourist’s gems, then breathe in the air of National Botanic Gardens and explore the indigenous and exotic plants of Zimbabwe. Another favourite spot for local residents and tourists alike, Lion, Cheetah Park & Snake World enchants the visitors by giving a chance to encounter these majestic creatures up close. Not only this, you would find plenty of alluring tourist highlights close to city centre and even in the out skirts of Harare whether it’s hikes and views, water sports or museums.

While you opt for flights to Bulawayo, then be ready to have a look at the few mesmerizing Zimbabwe’s destinations. Whether you are fancy about museums or not, you will be stunned to discover the interesting colonial archival Railway Museum of the country. Go for a romantic walk with your loved one or picnic points with family to the Hillside dam. And more yet, absolute must visit attractions for history buffs include Khami ruins, and Museums of National History. If you are an art lover then, Bulawayo Amphitheatre is popular for the traditional music and cultural performances. For others, Bulawayo is not stale at all and holds its own diverse attractions. Join a caravan and head off to Matobo National Park for some splendid encounters with native flora and fauna. Discover the amazing camping site and spend time to explore the incredible collections of wildlife and black eagles among other variety of birds.

Victoria Falls:
Touring Zimbabwe and not sparing enough time to explore the majestic grandeur of the Victoria Falls would be a downright imprudent. Known as the greatest curtain of falling water, Victoria Falls offer some beautifully unparalleled series of panoramic views of falls. Glory of the Victoria Falls can be witnessed the most in the months of March and April. Packed with ample of amazing adrenaline-rushing tourist’s gem, city offers some exciting Safari Tours. It is of no surprise that, fish tours, eco tours, historical park tours are some of the notable activities in the Victoria Falls.

When is the Peak Season to book flights to Zimbabwe?
The answer to this question significantly depends on what kind of holiday making fascinates you according to your budget, needs and requirements.  Those who are looking for pleasant weather and perfect holiday season, they must take advantage of UK December holidays by booking cheap flights to Zimbabwe. This time period features warm days with occasional rain and bird watching is phenomenal.

Head off to one of the most spectacular attraction of Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls displays mesmerizing views of canyons at the reasonably perfect level and depiction of geological timescales. The following months of April and May call for perfect safari walks in the emerald beauty of lush vegetation right after the rains. Winter sets in the later months of June, July and so on. This is particularly the most appropriate time to go if you are keen about wildlife sightings and it is again at its peak in October.
Thus, it is important to take a sneak peak of all the relevant factor of interests including weather conditions, budget travel plans, and activities to make a completely memorable exciting trip.

Usually rainy season is avoided due to widespread malaria which is at its peak in November and keep casting its spells high and low till March. In addition to that, many operational activities are put to damper in wet season. Keeping this in mind, tourists flock into Zimbabwe in the dry month of April through October. On the contrary, Victoria Falls are its peak in the rainy season which offers magnificent views during this time period.

Airlines flying to Zimbabwe:
Many airlines offer flights to Zimbabwe from UK, among them most preferred ones are as follows:

  • British Airways is ranked highest for catering the largest number of passenger on flights to Zimbabwe via Johannesburg from UK.
  • Amongst the most reliable airlines, Emirates is regularly soaring flight from Heathrow to Zimbabwe.
  • Kenya Airways provides regular flights to Zimbabwe from major international airports of UK. It is scheduled to operate flights with a connecting point at its hub Nairobi.
  • With Ethiopian Airlines, travellers may opt for the one stop flights via Addis Ababa before they arrive at Harare International Airport.
  • South African Airways provides its quality services   on cheap flight to Zimbabwe via Johannesburg.
  • Rwanda Air also launches its aircrafts to fly from UK to Zimbabwe via Kigali on any given day of the week.
  • You may avail the flights to Zimbabwe with Swiss Air for connecting mainstream flights from UK.

How long does it take to reach Zimbabwe?
As one of the favourite tourist destination, many renowned airlines are currently operating flights to Zimbabwe. Since there are no direct flights to Zimbabwe, passengers opt for one stop short distance flights to the major three international airports of the country.

  • Flights from Heathrow to Zimbabwe (HRE): 14 hours and 5 minutes
  • Flights from Heathrow to Zimbabwe (VFA): 14 hours
  • Flights from Manchester to Zimbabwe (VFA): 15 hours and 5 minutes
  • Flights from Birmingham to Zimbabwe (HRE): 15 hours and 55 minutes

Tips for getting around in Zimbabwe:
One of the major concern arises after landing to anywhere across the border is the transport. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the subject in case of Zimbabwe as it stands out a reasonably fit transport infrastructure. Owing to the travelling needs of locals as well as tourists, many options are available corresponding to different budget and comfort levels. Following are considered the best for commuting with in cities and across cities as well.

Taxis:  Taxis are relatively reliable and safe travel option. Metered taxis have fixed rates so you already have an idea about estimated drop-off fare. Local drivers have absolute know-how of major destinations in the cities so you can always depend on them to take you in the right direction without wasting any time. 

Car Hire:  Making a trip with family usually requires comfortable travel options for moving from one destination to another within the city. Car Hire fits the purpose well and the good thing is, carrying an international driving licence would help you save the extra incurring costs for hiring a driver.

Buses and local transport:  Local Bus is the cheapest option to commute in Zimbabwe. Its extensive network is widespread all along the cities so you can take a route to almost anywhere in lowest rates. Backpackers usually opt to cover more and more area using this means of transport.

Trains: As per the recent trends of tourists, expats are seen arriving at Harare and then travelling through train to reach out to other cities mainly Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. This is the best way to discover how the terrain changes from one city to another.

Where to stay in Zimbabwe?
Well, most of the visitors who are booking flights with us do not ask for accommodation place to stay as they are usually flying back to their home country or they have their family homes in the country by one way or another. On the contrary, people who are solely travelling for the tourism purposes need to book a comfortable stay beforehand in order to avoid any hassle.

Equipped with contemporary amenities of modern world, many four to five star hotels are on the list for serving the expats a relaxing stay. Meikles hotel, Cresta Lodge, Rainbow Tower Hotels are some of the exquisite options for a wondrous stay in Harare. In addition to that, Safari Lodges, Leisure resorts and guest houses may also be opted as per your own requirement.

If you are looking to experience the essence of the majestic continent of Africa, then Zimbabwe is the ideal destination you're looking for. From boasting outstanding game viewing with a myriad of species and wildlife that one can think of, untouched gorgeous natural landscapes and national parks, to providing a number of opportunities for indulging in some fun-filled action, all this and a lot more is to be found in Zimbabwe. This spectacular country has become a hot shot destination for tourists around the globe as it is home to four of the world heritage sights and also the breathtaking Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Their unique culture, remarkable well preserved historical relics has given Zimbabwe.

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FAQ's About Travel to Zimbabwe

When will Air Zimbabwe start operating again?
Even though there is hope for the airline, there is a lot of conspiracy towards shareholding and ownership. It cannot be estimated by Travel agents as to when they will start operating. They started operating after initial strikes were over in 2011, but went under in Summer. Several times they started operations and ended up cancelling flights due to internal complications.
Can we book accommodation hotels in Zimbabwe from U.K
Yes, has experienced holiday consultants who can swiftly search for accommodation for your travel needs and help you find a suitable place to stay on your trip to Zimbabwe. Hotel prices vary similar to flight prices. Peak and off-peak seasons have different prices. Booking well in advance is suggested to ensure you get a good deal.

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